Our schools progress in the path of moulding the students in all spheres of life, academic, social, economic, mental, moral and physical. We serve the students to utilize the latent talents for the maximum possible upliftment. Our teaching approach has been always child- cantered, encouraging activity based learning, inculcating scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry. We ignite the curiosity to learn through methodologies like easy vidya, audio- visual methods, project based home tasks, interactive class room learning, debating on social issues, moral lectures etcetera.

e-Waste Collection drive

DTEA Sr Sec School, Pusa Road, along with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group (Regd NGO for waste collection that converts waste into social wealth) has taken up the project of e-waste collection drive for the year 2013 in the school campus from 29th July to 2nd August. Our students of all classes very enthusiastically participated in collecting e-wastes and deposited at our e-waste bins provided by the NGO. The involvement of our students in collecting the e-waste created awareness among themselves and in their neighbourhood and learn how to live their life style in more greener way and to help the environment. From this activity students find solutions to the environmental problems in a great way


With two periods a week DTEA students enjoy their Physical training classes thoroughly. Our Physical Education Teachers train the senior, Junior and Sub Junior students at zone, district and national levels. Our schools provide the students with ample opportunity in field games, indoor games and track events. Our schools have Foot ball field, Volley ball and Basket ball courts, kho-kho fields and train the students in games like chess and carom.

Digital class rooms

Digital Class rooms-keeping pace with students who are more tech-savvy, our school is introducing digital classrooms-a new educational revolutionary technology that assists teachers in an interactive curriculum.


The schools maintain reasonable well-stocked libraries, housed in spacious rooms. These libraries have around 6000books each from diverse fields related to both curriculum and outside. A large number of dailies, weeklies, periodicals and journals subscribed on a regular basis are available in each library.